ZUUS PRO DT SWISS 350 Hub Carbon Wide 88/60mm Disc Brake

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Due to high wheel sale volumes we are a little behind at the moment. If you ordered these wheels today you will receive them on the 4th January. We have applied an extra 10% discount for the wait.


What is the difference between AERO and PRO Range? Find out here


  • UCI Test certified
  • Weight Per Set: 1991gms (Disc Brake)
  • Clincher: Tube and tubeless compatible
  • Rider Weight Limit: 110Kg
  • The same rim for both Aero and Pro Range
  • Rim Material: 100% Carbon fibre T700 high mod Japanese Toray carbon
  • Rim Finish: Plain UD matt carbon. Highly effective hard wearing braking surface 3K carbon weave (they can't burn out) more effective than alloy


  • Fits 20, 21, 23, 25, 27mm Clincher Tyres.
  • Reinforced Kevlar Hoop Insert (Shatter Proof).
  • Width: Tyre Bead Inside To Inside: 19mm/ External Width 26mm 
  • Max Recommended Tyre Pressure: 120 psi
  • All spares available.



  • Axle end caps – all DT Swiss hubs can be converted into the current axle systems by swapping the press fit end pieces without the need of tools.
  • Ratchets – two high precision star ratchets ensure quick and safe engagements and are ultra reliable. The press fit assembly allows for quick and easy servicing.
  • Freehubs – on all DT Swiss Ratchet System® hubs the rotor body is exchangeable without tools.
  • Drilling: 28 or 32 hole pairs.
  • Weight: Rear Hub (257g) Front Hub (136g)
  • 24 Rear Spokes, 24 Front Spokes
  • Axle System: 12mm Thru Axle
  • Built-In Dimension: 142mm
  • FreeHub System: Ratchet System 18
  • FreeHub Body: Shim. RD. 11SP FORGED (ASF11)

The Best Value DT Swiss Wheelset on the Market

screen-shot-2018-12-06-at-15.13.36.png screen-shot-2018-12-06-at-15.12.10.png

Now with a choice of nipple colours: Black, Mid Blue, Red, Gold, Purple, Green.



Also Delivered With:

  • Carbon Specific Brake Pads.
  • Spare of each spoke
  • Washer For Shimano 9,10 speed, no washer needed for 11 Speed.
  • Rim Tape
  • Alloy QR Skewers (not branded)

Tubeless Tyre Fitting:

We can expertly fit both tubed and tubeless tyres to your wheels. With tubeless we fit free tape and valves. With tubed tyres we fit free Continental Race tubes (size and valve to fit the wheels your purchase)

CLICK HERE For Tubeless Tyre Options

CLICK HERE For Tubed Tyre Options 

More Reasons To Buy:

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24 Month Warranty:
24 month comprehensive warranty
Crash Replacement:
Crash your wheels and we will replace with new for 50% of the original price
Rim Depth:
88mm Depth
Best Use:
Braking Type:
Rim Brake
Braking Type:
Disc Brake