Tubeless Tyres Explained

ZUUS PRO RIMS 2-Way Tubeless Clincher Rims.

Use either traditional tyres with tubes, or tubeless tyres without tubes. Tubeless tyres can provide lower rolling resistance and better protection from punctures.

There are a few distinct advantages to this:

1. Normally if you run a moderately low tire pressure (Under 100psi), you'll experience noticeably increased rolling resistance. A lot of this rolling resistance comes from friction between the tyre and the tube. The lower the pressure, the more the tube is stretching and moving in the tire as it rolls, creating friction and rolling resistance. By using a tubeless tyre, you can eliminate the increase in rolling resistance associated with lower tyre pressures.

2. With traditional clincher tyres and tubes, If you want to run a low tyre pressure (under 80psi), for cyclocross, grave grinding, or other situations needing increased traction, you increase the risk of pinch flats. With a tubeless setup, not having a tube, and having tubeless sealant, your tire can self-heal small punctures without significant air loss. This means you can run low tyre pressures, with a tubeless tyre, at a decreased risk of pinch flats.

3. You can use either tubeless or clincher tyres, the choice is yours. The ZUUS PRO rims are compatible with both. There is no disadvantage to a normal clincher tyre and tube setup with this rim, only the advantage of the option to use tubeless tyres.

Tubes or No-Tubes - You Choose.