Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin Tubeless TL-Easy Folding Road Tyre (pair)

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 Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Road Tyre (pair) 25mm Expertly Fitted With Any Wheelset.

This price is for two tyres. If bought with ZUUS wheels we will fit ready to ride with tubeless valves and tapes.

Top Features:

  • Designed for competition featuring OneStar compound
  • Fast, light, reliable and the is the next generation of tubeless tyres
  • Schwalbe's top model tubeless tyre


Sizes: 700c x 23c/25c/28c

Weights: 235g/255g/275g

BAR ratings 5.0=8.5 (23c), 5.0-5.5 (25c)

PSI ratings: 70-125 (23c), 70-110 (25c) and 55-95 (28c)

TPI: 127

Why Tubeless Easy?

Friction between the tyre and tube is now a thing of the past. This crucially reduces the rolling resistance. It is even smaller than with super light competition types.

With tubeless, you can ride with less air pressure-without restrictions to performance! This brings noticeable advantages in comfort but also significantly more control in critical situations and on poor routes.

Tubeless systems provide very high puncture protection. Sudden air loss due to bursting tubes or valves, tearing is ruled out. At the same time, a puncture protection fluid seals incisions within a tenth of a second during the ride.

A few years ago Schwalbe started focusing very intensively on tubeless and especially on tubeless for racing bikes. In this context, they learned: tubeless on racing bikes is an exceptionally challenging innovation. This is because manufacturing high-pressure capable tubeless tyres to an excellent level is anything other than easy.

Schwalbe are now convinced tubeless is the tyre of the future because it offers clear benefits in terms of speed, comfort, grip and puncture protection for all sporty and ambitious cyclists

MicroSkin is the development which makes the difference compared to previous tubeless tyres. The patented construction consists of a high-tensile micro fabric which is vulcanized together with the rubber compound and the carcass. MicroSkin envelops the entire carcass and facilitates a fault-free Tubeless Easy operation for high-pressure tyres, not unlike SnakeSkin on an MTB tyre.



Tubeless tyres for racing bikes are now getting clearly lighter and also significantly faster. This technology also spans over to cross and touring bikes. The integrated MicroSkin fabric completes several important functions at the same time. It ensures impermeability. It guarantees reliable high-pressure stability. And on a side note, it also improves the overall cut resistance. 

For further info on fitting visit the Schwalbe website for a more detailed Tubeless Easy explanation.

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