GUTO MORGANS - 30 April 2019
It's very hard to fit a review about these wheels into a 100 words but I tried, thanks.
I got my first pair of Zuus wheels in 2018 before going to the European triathlon championships, i bought the wheels for 2 reasons, number 1 the price was extremely affordable especially for a student on a budget and number 2 the great name and brand of Zuus with great variety of wheels a wealth of knowledge and some awesome product reviews.  My first ride on the wheels i imminently felt a massive difference in ride quality where i was smashing PB's during every ride from easy spins to hard efforts, maximum and average speeds also increased considerably. Great Wheels.


GARRY INGHAM - 30 April 2019

Thank you very much for your amazing wheels, and i apologies if i got grumpy with the wait time. It was worth the wait in the end, the wheels look amazing, myself and my mate bought the same set and were both over the moon, can't be happier with the quality and the price. Please see the picture of mine and my mates bike with your triathlon wheels.  



Bought a set of zuus wheels and put them on my merida reacto 5000 and what a difference  speed and performance . Brilliant. Zuus company 10/10 to deal with .i love the product 


ROBERT FINNIGAN - 16 April 2019

Wanted to say, love the new wheels, been using them steady on a few 3 hours track sessions, pushed them on a duathlon and saved 1 minute 30 on bike leg time. Planning to use them for Ironman Sweden 2019 too. Great wheels Zuus


SAMUAL COOK - 29 March 2019
1: Customer experience and communication from Zuus customer service was excellent.
2: Wheels arrived well packaged and 1st impressions were great.
3: Mounted Hutchinson Fusion Galactic tubeless tyres easily and pumped up straight away with a track pump.
4: Only ridden on them once due to bad weather. But in one ride I was really impressed. They are light, responsive, stiff and downright fast! Uphill, downhill and on the flat. Absolutely ecstatic! Braking in the dry with the supplied pads was excellent and on par with my aluminium rims.
The wind on my ride was about 8mph with a good mix of head, tail and crosswind. At no point could I feel the wheels being affected by the cross wind 
Mark Lannie
MARK RAYNES - 29 March 2019
I have had the Zuus 50s on my bike for a few months now, and I have extreme pleasure riding them!
It definitely has enhanced my riding experience and simply, I get more satisfaction out it. Whether its up hill, down hill or simply just listening to the sound of the free-hub! They are well worth the money, and can not be faulted.
On a side note, the ol' customer service was 'A Grade' so fair play to them. Pretty much answer all the questions I had an never left me in the dark.
2 Thumbs up from one pleased DUDE!
MARK RAYNES - 12th April 2019
These are the wheels I bought from you earlier this year.  They really make
my bike stand out from the crowd with friends complimenting me on the way
they look on the bike, the red spoke nipples being particularly eye
catching!  This makes them look a bit different to a standard build and is a
useful option when making your initial choices for the wheel build.
STEVEN GREGORY - 12th April 2019
With the charity challenge of Brathay 262 looming i sought advice from Gary of Zuus, a known local to the event and a keen cyclist with plenty of experience of the route i was faced with.
I explained the challenge ahead, some 262 miles involving ten laps of Lake Windermere with some 19'500ft of ascent, all in 24 hrs!
His initial response of "are you sure, not easy, quite a task, hilly! was soon followed once he realised i was mad enough for the challenge ahead by great advice with regards to setting me up with the best possible gearing, wheels and tyres. They also looked the bomb!
All performed so much better than i could ever of imagined on the day and together we completed the event in 15hrs 57:12 setting a new lap record in the process and shaving over 45 mins off the course record!
I've fitted Dura-Ace discs to complete the package - well worth the
additional expense.  They also perform really well, getting up to speed
quickly with the lighter weight being noticeable on the hilly Sheffield
JIM - 27 March 2019
NEIL CAMBELL - 12th April 2019
I have recently upgraded to a set of Zuus Pro Carbon wheels and if truth be told, I feel a little bit guilty.  I'm the same (oldish) guy, riding the same bike, on many of the same routes, so why are my PB's tumbling?  I can only put it down to the wheels.  I've given them a good 'going over' and I see no signs of hidden motors.  So I can only surmise, that the hype is real.  These really are some of the fastest wheels (very little) money can buy.
I've been blown away with how these things roll and quality that is up there with the bigger brands.
Roll on the summer, where I'm sure more records will fall.
Is it cheating?.............certainly feels like it.......but who care's, I'm having a blast!
Bought a set of carbon 60mm Zuus at the end of last Summer. Chose them based on word of mouth and wasn’t disappointed. Mainly used for triathlon, flat and undulating courses. The wheels sharpened up the handling and spin true. I haven’t noticed any brake rub whilst out of the saddle, they are quite stiff. Stopping is as good as you’ll get, good in the wet/damp. Great value for the price.



IAN ROYSTON - 12th April 2019

I managed to get a brand new set of your 60's wheels from a guy called Tom Bass who purchased them from you in November when you had the free kit deal on but has never used them. They're absolutely awesome! Will send you a pic of them. Will definitely be getting another set from your store!



MARC HONEY - 12th April 2019
Happy 3rd time loyal returning customer!

BEN BASTIN - 12th April 2019

Killer product!



Ric Heritage  12th April 2019
Having ridden these wheels through some rather windy and grimy conditions recently, I can honestly say that they perform as well as some of my other wheels which cost three times as much. The shape of the wheel works great in cross winds(they are very stable), there's no brake rub when climbing, I love them. Thank you very much Zuus.


Paul Boden 11th April 2019 
I’ve owned this set for over a year now and they have been bomb proof. Primarily my racing wheels, you wouldn’t believe they cost a fraction of the price of other carbon wheels. They roll for years, look, feel and sound fast. Braking is great in the wet and dry. The hubs are a vast improvement on the previous versions and have had no issues over they year. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more, in fact I’m saving for a disc set.
What makes Zuus great is their people. I spoke with Zuus a good month - two months before I was ready to purchase, I wanted to be confident in my purchase and all their team are knowledgable and honest! 
This was a big part in my I decided on Zuus. 
The aftercare service has been spot on too, they have worked hard to resolve and answer any queries I had.
I have & would recommend Zuus to friends. And in time I will be buying another set of wheels! 
Thank you 
Harry Porter 11th April 2019 
When I first came across ZUUS, I was unsure, after speaking to a few members of the team, I was happy to make a purchase of a set of AERO 88/60. One thing you have to remember these are hand made in the uk, so the delivery time is longer then a set of off the shelf wheels.The wheels themselves are very good for the price, look amazing, I cant fault the look or feel. They roll very well, I’m a bulky fella and there good for the heavier riders. Im now getting my bike ready for race season.

Gary Ingram 11th April 2019 After much deliberation and consideration I decided to try a set of Zuus wheels and they exceeded all my expectations. I fitted them on my Specialized Tarmac and the bike just glides along. Full marks to Zuus



DAVE - 11th April 2019 2019

Bought them just to keep on my bike in Spain but just as good as my Zipps and better price! Great service by Alison and Gary at Zuus can't recommend them enough.



John Buchan 11th April 2019 
After much deliberation and consideration I decided to try a set of Zuus wheels and they exceeded all my expectations. I fitted them on my Specialized Tarmac and the bike just glides along. Full marks to Zuus



Alex  11th April 20192019

Originally I was a little apprehensive about a carbon Wheelset so cheap but they were for racing on and took the plunge , the buying element was very easy and quick . I went with no logo as I prefer the stealth look which was a great option to have .My initial thoughts were good when I received the wheels and were well made with a good finish  and then it was time to ride them .Owning a very expensive pair of wheels costing a lot more than the zuus I had something to compare to and it wasn’t my first set of carbon wheels . I was very pleasantly surprised. The wheels rolled welland span up easily and also when up to speed they were easy to stay there which is testament to the bearing and a good quality wheel and happy sitting over 20mph .The next test was racing , i used them on several crit races and was really pleased how they performed in all conditions including wet and windy conditions , the braking was very good and also I didn’t notice that I was getting blown around in the wind. I didn’t notice any real difference in breaking in the wet on these wheels compared to other carbon wheels I have ridden .I managed to get quite a few points racing on these wheels and they are a great addition to my bike and really enjoyed riding them and it’s hard to tell the difference between the Zuus wheels and the set of Zipp wheels I have . I also found myself riding my race bike more often as I enjoyed the wheels that much.In summary the wheels have been a solid dependable performer and have handled everything I have thrown at them from training rides and commuting on and also sprint finishes racing . A very well built and solid Wheelset that I recommend .Thanks Alex


MARK HEXHAM - 20 March 2019

Can't rate the team at Zuus highly enough. Excellent communications with Gary and Kathryn from time of order until I received the wheels. I used the wheels for the first time on my new Cervelo P3 at the Outlaw Half Holkham last Sunday and they performed flawlessly and ran extremely well. If anyone is contemplating buying a set of carbon wheels and is reluctant to pay the price of the 'big name' brands, then you cannot go wrong with these Zuus wheels. Many thanks.


Nathan Parnel 20 March 2019 
Awesome, thank you. 
 Review: My experience of these bars are comfort, confidence, style and aerodynamics all packed into lightweight bars that perform whether you’re sprinting, Sunday riding or sending pictures to your friends to show them off. I’m looking forward to some summer Crits with these on the bike! The only thing missing is a set of your wheels to match, which may just have to come next. Thanks Zuus.
Sound wheels and well pleased with my KOMs. Best move I've made in a long time by getting the ZUUS carbon wheelset. Even had enough cash to include a set of tubeless tyres. I recommend Zuus wheels for road work and especially hill climbing. That said, great for all types of road work.
Well pleased.
Richard 20 March 2019 
I recently received my beautiful handmade Zuus pro carbon 50mm wheels, and my high anticipations and expectations were exceeded.
The finish on the wheels is superb, from the decals, the the hubs (white matching my paint job) to the spoke nipples (blue - matching too), everything is spot on.
But looks aren’t the only reason for buying Zuus! The ride quality is second to none! They are responsive, great in corners and lovely on the straights. With the new brake pads they stop on a dime too.
 Bring on the season with a new reason to extend my rides!


Andrew Parkinson  20 March 2019

I am really pleased with my new wheels they don't only look great, the are very comfortable, responsive and they sound really good. I have had full carbon wheels before but didn't like the noises they made when braking and I bought these after a friend recommended them and I am very happy I did. I would 100% recommend them. Great value for money.



Peter Scholfield  20 March 2019

Great wheelset, noticed a huge difference using Zuus wheels as opposed to the factory standard that came with my bike. Definitely recommend! 

After a long time contemplating which set of wheels to get we decided on Zuus 


Claire Stubbs  20 March 2019
 Me being a 40 something female knowing not alot about wheels, what I started to look for was a pair of round wheels  (always a good start as it’s proven square-ones are not as effective or as fast) the colour was also important, black was a first choice as they go with my bike (and everything has to be colour co ordinated) a deeper dish looked great and zuus gave the option of decal work. 
This set of wheels was so good what have put them in all our bikes (5 in total) I really can’t fault them 
Craig Mc Sherry  20 March 2019
I was lucky enough to use these 50mm Zuus wheels, they are the most incredible wheels I have used. They just role for ever and are super stiff, first ride out I got to KOMs with out even trying. I would and have recommended these wheels to everyone. The best part is the customer service team are outstanding. Not if, but when you buy some you will know what I mean, welcome to the future or your cycling.
UNKNOWN - 20 March 2019

The service I received from the guys at Zuus was second to none, all of my questions were answered straight away. The wheels arrived within a couple days of ordering. Straight out of the box the wheels looked amazing and ran true, no need to adjust at all. The included pads and skewers are great, not to mention the free conti tyres and tubes! The wheels feel amazing to ride on my Propel, they are light and spin up fast. Top class!


SAMUEL COOK - 20 March 2019

The price at the time was too good to pass up, so placed the ordered, faced a bit of a delay (Christmas period) received excellent support from Alison! Who was just amazing! When the wheels arrived....they were amazing! The bike was already fast before but now! I feel like it's a certified speed machine all thanks to Zuus! Id happily recommend! :D 



Very happy with the customer service from this small company who specialise in carbon wheels. The ones I bought are so light and I love them. They look amazing too - went for black and white decals. Thank you - would highly recommend - priced well




Excellent service, price so affordable. Wheels are light and strong. Very well made. Price brilliant, I would recommend them to anyone.


CARL345 -

Excellent Service and Light wheels. They are so incredibly light. I found the affordability of these wheels appealing and now looking to get a set of 60's too. Thank you Zuus for a great service and fast delivery too.


N/A -

Great service and wheels



beat t PB on these wheels



N/A  -

They came earlier than advertised and spot on



Pro Carbon 88/60 Wheel set

Very happy with the customer service from this small company who specialise in carbon wheels. The ones I bought are so light and I love them. The look amazing too - went for black and white decals. Thank you - would highly recommend - priced well



Bought the 88 60's

Great service, well done Alison


N/A  -

Wrong size sent but sorted in the end, very pleased with the wheels and bars



The wheels are brilliant




Thanks for my wheels! And even fitting the cassette, was expecting to have to do that myself, nice surprise!



Ryan, love the wheels, I think I may need to request commission from you though as many friends are looking into buying some!


Still loving my wheels


After 1500 miles over the wet and windy South Wales valleys the wheels are still running smooth and perfectly true, can't fault them


Thanks for the fantastic service! Much appreciated!

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