FSA Team Issue 11 Speed Chain Shimano Sram Compatible 30% Discount Use Code 'BLACK30 At Checkout

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FSA’s quiet, efficient, and durable chain, now for 11-speed drivetrains. 

Optimized design for superior shifting function. Produced using advanced stamping techniques with precision stamping molds. Fully automated production ensures all the designed features are precisely duplicated in each and every link.

FSA chains use raw material 100% sourced from Taiwan China Steel Co. to ensure consistent strength, hardness and stability of the chain components. Link pins are finished using a NOVA™ “Hard Chromizing” process, which significantly improves the wear resistance of pins.

NOVA™ technology is far more advanced than general surface finishing used by other chain manufacturers. Also used during manufacturing is a new generation of specialized surface lubricating polymer technology. Its physical properties of resistance to extreme pressure and galling gives the treated metal surface superior resistance to wear.


  • Finish: Nickle plated with FSA logos
  • Width: 5.5mm
  • Weight: 261g